Sprouts are very beneficial and popular nutrients nowadays. Sprouts are prepared by the process of germination of whole grains, seeds and pulses. Sprouting helps to boost up the quality as well as nutrition of whole grains and they get some physical and chemical changes in this process. It has an antinutritional factor which increases the nutritional value of whole grains and whole pulses without extra expenses. Sprouts can be eaten raw but some sprouts are used after boiling or cooking.



 We can prepare sprouts from seeds or grain at home very easily or buy from the supermarket, where they are made on a large scale. Both are healthy and nutritious.

Sprouts are rich in minerals, vitamins and also a good source of high protein such as dried peas, kidney beans and lentils.

Sprouts have a good amount of dietary fibers which is good for intestine and help to cure constipation.

Sprouts can help us to weight loss and this can reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems .we can take this in breakfast or between meals but morning is the best time for taking sprouts.

     Despite the good properties of sprouts there can be some side effects or disadvantage of sprouts that firstly they are eaten raw and the other is their growth, they are grown in slightly warm and humid surrounding, this condition is perfect for bacterial growth, E coli. and salmonella too. This may affect our health issues. Although there are some side effects of raw sprouts but sprouts are healthy and beneficial for us