Obesity means excess fat which accumulates in the body. It might be slight or gross. A slight accumulation of fat in the body can be caused of overweight but the excess accumulation of fat is the reason for obesity, when it's 10 percent extra this is overweight but if goes 20 percent extra of ideal body weight it's obesity. This medical condition is not good for health and can generate many health issues such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease . In older days obesity was not so common but nowadays it's very common, in western countries like the U.S.  there is obesity is spreading like an epidemic and affects thousands of people per year. Obesity is a condition in which people suffer from a hidden lode which prohibits our efficiency and invites an unhealthy 


People often want to know that how they became so fat then there are so many reasons for this.

According to NHANES( the national health and nutrition examination survey), there is a correlation between weight gain and physical activity in people which means our intake and our physical should be equal but in actuality we eat enough and burn fewer, and that is one of those problems which makes us fat.

When we eat simple carbs then we get more calories because simple carbs such as dessert and sugar are more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream than any other nutrients and excessive calories Will be converted into fat and stored in the liver as fat or glycogen. If we burn less than intake 

,It will be stored in adipose tissue in the form of fat and make you fat .

 Meals with high fat could be leading body weight fat has more caloric amount than carbohydrates and protein .

‌So many times when we have our favorite dish or we get starving, we eat more than our need and this is called overeating. Overeating is also contributed to weight gaining, because in this the energy consumption is not as possible as it should be so, again energy stored in the body and lead to weight gain.

‌Our body disorders like irregulation of our center nervous system are also responsible for obesity and this condition is called regulatory obesity.‌ cycological effects can also be a reason to gain. In case of depression or stress, we start overeating and this leads to eating disorder and the result is obesity.

‌‌.    Our genetic factor is one of the reason what can lead  you overweight , yes this is true our genes can cause obesity, genetic and environmental factors interaction can generate obesity.

‌         Monogenetic obesity is a form of obesity, this is very rare and caused by a spontaneous mutation in a single gene. This single gene helps to control food intake and appetite. Obesity is not only dependent on a certain specific genotype but also gene to gene interaction.

‌In 2007  a research has shown that Alpha- Ketoglutarate dependent Dioxygenase or FTO gene ( Fat mass and obesity-Associated ) plays a role to control feeding behavior and energy expenditure, therefore this gene has been linked to overweight or obesity. Despite these genes, other genes are responsible for obesity and lead many disorders such as Prader- Willi, Bardet- Biedl syndromes.

Although all above gene factors are responsible for obesity but this can be intercepted by exercise, physical activity and a balanced diet.